Friday, February 02, 2007

After-sex Conversation With Felice Orwell

“Fucking you is sure a lot of trouble,” she grinned.

“Yeah, but what about your urinary infections? Sex with you has its drawbacks, too," Dogger Gatsby replied.

“I guess,” she sighed. “Maybe we should just give up sex.”

“From what I've seen of you, that doesn't seem likely.”

“I do sort of like it!” she giggled softly.

“Me, too. Especially with you. You've got the tightest twat in Texas; nobody feels as good as you do.”

“I wish you wouldn't say such graphic things!” she said, half-grimacing, half-smiling.

“What're you grinnin' about, then?” he asked her.

“I don't know; I just think it's funny!” she giggled.

“What is?” he asked. “Twat?”

“It is a comical-sounding word, isn't it? Hell, Dogger, I told you I don't know, I just think it's funny!”

“Okay,” he told her, putting his arm around her shoulder and drawing her to him.

“You know, I'm already thinking about getting on top of you again, don't you?” he whispered.

“Yeah, I can tell!” she answered. “I'm even thinking about letting you do it. Even though you seem to think I'm a dang twat.”

“A great twat. A gorgeous twat. A beautiful, heart-warming…”

“Yeah, well, I get your drift,” she interrupted him. “God knows why I'd want you to, though,” she added in a semi-grouchy tone, “it's probably letting guys like you stick it in this comical twat of mine that makes me have all those goddamn urinary infections.”

“Oh, Miss Orwell, what big eyes you have!”

“You know why, Mr. Gatsby,” she said.

“Because you’re so full of piss and vinegar?”

“For a girl as slim as I am, and with all my organs so close together, I guess you could say that,” she sighed.

“Well, if I were more well-endowed, I might apologize, sweetie, but I’m about as safe as you can get without molesting little boys.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she sighed. “I’ll work it out.”

“I’d rather you let me work it in,” he smirked.

She gasped, then grinned as he suddenly slid his left hand deftly under her skirt and right to the top of what he always observed to be her beautiful, long slim, white and freckled legs.


Current draft: 03/19/03
©1996 Ronald C. Southern

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